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So you want to make money online, and you have tried every programs online and nothing seems to be working for you, I understand your frustration because I’ve been there. That is why I am here to help you create a successful business online.

  The Road Map to Getting Started Online

In every business whether online or offline you have to put in an effort in other to make it work, there is no magic anywhere.

There are some other online programs that promise that you will make lot of money online with little or no efforts put into it, while others promise that you will make millions overnight.

If you want to make legitimate income online you must work at it to make it work, there is no magic anywhere. I do not intend to scare you with work, all I’m saying is you must be able to put in a considerable amount of efforts to be able to see the results you aim for.

   If you are not afraid of work then let’s get started!

I will like to help you to create an online business that will help you to make money, you will need $0 to get started, and there is no obligation to upgrade.

Other online programs want you to upgrade all the time for new training, and each upgrades cost money, for someone like me that was a lot, so I got tired of those upgrades and I found something better.

Here are the features of this program:  At $0 Sign.

One thing I love about this program is the support from the community. These are real people that are ready to hold your hands and walk you through the whole process, plus you don’t have to pay to start making money online.

Initially it was too good to be true until I tried it and it was true. You can check it out HERE

Let us look at what you will need to start your online business. There are some things that must be in place;

  1. Computer and Internet is a must

To succeed online you must have access to the internet and computer, just like any other job or business there are tools that you will need to work with. Since you will be working online, computer and internet is a must.  Basic knowledge in computer is all you need and you will be ready to go.

Image result for images of computers

  2. You need a Website

Image result for images of a website

You need a website to make it online, without it there is no business. A website help to create your presence online, that will make people to see what you are doing and that can help you to make money.

Don’t let the fear of building a website stop you from making money online, these days a dummy can build a website in 30 minutes. Plus you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get you website up and running, you can get it for FREE.

    3. Choose an Interest

You need to choose a niche that interest you, something that come to you easily, it can be a hobby or something that motivate you. There are millions of niches you can choose from, all you have to do is pick one.     Image result for images of a niche

    4. Get Traffic

Image result for images of a online traffic

Before you can make money online you must be able to attract visitors to your site. Getting traffic means attracting people to your site, and without which there is no income. The more people you get the more opportunities you have to make money.

   5. Constant Knowledge

Technology keeps changing everyday, that is why you will need a platform where you will continue to grow everyday. You can’t use yesterday’s knowledge for today’s problem, especially when it comes to online business. You need a program that will give you every knowledge you need to continue to make money online.

You can check out what I’m talking about HERE


If you have any questions about Getting Started please ask below, I will love to help!

2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Hi Ronky, it’s a pretty accurate picture of the internet work market the one that you depict. Too many websites promising the impossible, or worse the illegal. You got it right when you say that we need to work to reach our goals, and I definitely agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place where to learn about online business and start earning honest money, with plenty of tools and support. Thanks a lot for promoting the right place for people out there who are looking for such thing, and to them I say “try it out for free for at least one week”, as I did, and I’m confident you’ll stay for good!

    1. Hello Alma,

      Wealthy Affiliate is an eye opener for me, I lost so much money trying to find the right program to put me through. I found this program by mistake and I’m enjoying it ever since then, thanks for your comment.

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