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How To Make Money Offline


I realized that it’s not everybody that loves to do online business, some people are not just comfortable around the computer, if you are one of those people there are many businesses you can work from home.

Doing business via the internet is a lucrative ways of making money from home, the reason I said that is because you don’t’ have to leave the comfort of your home to make money, all you need to do is to have little knowledge of how to operate the computer and you are good to go.


There are tons of information out there on how to make money online, I believe this is good for people that love to sit in front of their computers and not be tired of pressing keyboard.


To some other people computer system and the rest come to them easily, they are able to comprehend the words as they learn about it.


On the other hands, there are others that cannot stand the word SEO, or software or something else that computer gurus talked about, they can’t sit in front of their computer for more than few hours. If this is you then an internet business might not be the right kind of business you can do to make money.


Remember: Doing what you love will not look like a job but it will look like fun.


Making money offline should be as easy as making money online, the ways of making money either online or offline both takes hard work, there is no magic wand anywhere. You Must Work It Out to See It Work.


I have heard people telling me that they can’t do any online business because they are not the right candidate that can make money from home. My answer to such people is that they can do whatever they want to do, only that they must have the will to do it.


Some people are good at buying and selling, others are good in service kind of a business while other people are good in online business. It is very important that you find what you are good at, and turn that thing into money.


You must find that particular business that will work for you, every type of business will not work for you at first, you must find that particular one that works for you, and from there you can start building more businesses.

3 Ways of Making Money Offline

1.  Buying and Selling of Products: If you love to buy products and sell this might be the platform that you want to get into. There are different ways in which you can buy and sell, you can buy different products on eBay and also sell on eBay, there are many people are making money with eCommerce.


Please don’t let the word eCommerce confuse you, there is nothing to it. You can set aside a little bit of money like $500-$1000 to invest in starting your business. You can buy in small pellet to start with and sell your products both online or offline.


The reason I decided to include eCommerce in offline business is that in this present age, many people are turning to places like Amazon and eBay to look for products and that is where you will get your customers.


Examples of things to buy and resell; Children clothes (used or new), electronics, the list is endless. Look for products that you can get good profits by selling them.


Places to sell your products:

Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and the rest, you can even use consignment. Consignment is a means of giving your products to brick and mortar stores to sell for you. When they sell you get a certain percentage and they get their own share.



2.  Services: If buying and selling are not meant for you then providing services to people might be the best way of making money offline.


Some of the services you can do with a little startup that will bring money to you are; Maid Services, Cleaning Services, Private Teaching, Pet Walking, Baby Sitter, Non-Medical Home Care Services, and so on.

Learn everything you can about these services before you venture into it, you can start with little or no money with some of them and you can also do it from home. You don’t need big money to start, all you need is a willing heart to help people.


Read more on Non-Medical Home Care Services


3.  Multi-level Marketing: There has been a lot of talk about multilevel marketing, some are good and others were not so good. Some multilevel marketing companies were out there to scam people while others are out there to help people.


There is nothing wrong in being part of a multilevel marketing company if you can easily make people buy what you’re selling and also join your company you can make good money out of it.


Before you join any company that promised you heaven on earth, you have to do your findings of them. You can write the name of the company on Google and read what other people are saying about them. If what you read are convincing enough you can join them to make your own money.


Please be free to write your own comments about ways to make money offline from home. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “How To Make Money Offline

  1. Hi – this is so true! There are many people who are not cut out for computer work and are very intimidated by technology. I prefer working online, but I am also a realtor and a good bit of that job is “offline,” although there is computer work to be done.

    I have seen realtors partner up, where one does the computer work and the other is out there doing the “offline” showing houses and interacting with people. I guess my point is that for those who don’t like computer work, partnering up with someone who does may be a good option. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great materiel! I really enjoyed your advice, “Remember: Doing what you love will not look like a job but it will look like fun.” It’s a great idea, and should be pointing you down to a enjoyable future job if you implement it.
    I think your advice on joining a MLM by researching the company first is invaluable and can save you time and money. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hello Dan,

      Thanks for your reply. MLM is a good business to get into, in my opinion, I believe it is not meant for everyone. It is important that people find the right one for them, and that will save them time and money. Thanks again for your input.

  3. Wow, you have describe the way of making money online as well as offline in very detail and easy way to understand. Thanks a lot for this post.

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