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Affiliate Marketing

  Being an affiliate marketer is a lucrative business to get into, you will have the option to market so many businesses as much as you want to, and you don’t have to own your own products before you can start making money online.

What is affiliate marketing

In simple terms, I will define it as marketing other people’s products.

How do you market other people’s products

You market other people’s products by building a website that talks about that product. Now don’t be scared about building a website, there are many platforms available now that makes it easy for you to build website under 5 minute.

How do you make money

You make money with affiliate marketing when someone buy the products you sell online, whenever anybody comes to your site and like the product you talked about and when they decided to click on the product it will direct them to the seller’s website, and when they buy or sign up for the product you get paid. For example; you decided to promote product A and the cost of the product is $50, the seller decided to pay you let say $20 per sale. In a month you get 2000 traffic coming into your website and 1000 people decided to buy the product, that means you earn for yourself $2000 from that product without doing physical marketing.

Why Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing helps you to promote several products, the marketing is done online, there is no door to door marketing, and lastly, you don’t have to start asking other people to buy from you. If you’re a shy person just like me and you love to sell products, then affiliate marketing is the best choice for you.

Now let’s discuss building websites, as an affiliate marketer you work from home or better still you can rent a coworker space as your business continues to grow. I understand that it’s not everybody that loves to work from home, some people can do it without getting distracted while others find it hard to do. Don’t let the codes of building a website scare you because these days you don’t need to learn all those codes before you can build a website.

Few ago I wanted to build a website, since I don’t know how to build one I decided to pay someone to help build it, and I was told that it’s going to cost me $2500. Since I didn’t have that kind of money I decided to learn how to do it myself, I enrolled in an online classroom and I bought books, to cut my story short I was having headaches with the codes, and I realized it’s not meant for me.

Fast forward to this present time, anybody can now build a website places like WordPress, Godaddy, and the rest makes building a website easy for anyone. If I can do it I believe you can do it too. In other to become an affiliate marketer you should find an affiliate program to join. Affiliate marketing is more than just having a website, there is more to it like email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and so on

. If you know what you’re doing or you know more about affiliate marketing, you can just look for products and start selling. IF affiliate marketing is new to you I will suggest that you sign up with an affiliate marketing program to learn everything you need to be able to succeed online.

There are many scams out there that promise to teach you everything you need to know, but all they do is collect your money every time they want to teach you something new. I will suggest you avoid them at all cost.

4  Legitimate Affiliate Programs

1.   Wealthy Affiliate University: Wealthy Affiliate program is an online affiliate training program that teaches you everything you need to succeed online, there is no upsells with this program, and they have a great community of people that will help you as you continue to learn about your business. The program is free to join, as a starter, you pay $0 to join, and you will learn a lot as a starter and also you can start making money from here. You can learn more about the program Join Now


2.   Affiliate Blogger Pro: Affiliate blogger is a training program that teaches you how to make money online with your blogs and they will also teach you on how to promote other people’s products to make money. The program price is great compared to other online gurus, and you will get great training by being a part of this program. Interested in learning how to join, click here to learn how.


3.   Niche Profit Course: This program will teach you how to make money with Amazon affiliate program, this course is good for you if you are on a shoestring and you can’t afford to pay a lot of money for other programs. You can join for free or for $10 it depends on your choice. Learn More Here


4.   Clickbank University: Clickbank University is an online training program that will teach you how to create your own products and how to promote other people’s products. You can learn more about the program HERE There are many more programs that are out there that can teach you on how to make money online with affiliate marketing and the rest.


Please avoid those programs that promise you that you don’t have to do anything to make money, all they want is to take your money. Affiliate marketing is a great way to achieve financial freedom, and I hope you join us and change your life for the best. You can leave me your questions or feedback below, thanks.

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