Inner Change

The inner Man of Change

Change is something that we all desire, every person want to change in different places of their lives. One person wants a change of job, the other person wants to change in status, it doesn’t matter the area of your life you desire to change it can be done if you put your mind to it.

I have been longing for a change for a long time, at times it seems that I will never get it, it got to a state I became a laughing stock among others thinking that my situation is permanent. I will love to tell you that nothing on this earth is permanent, there is no condition that is permanent, and the only thing that is permanent is change.

The inner man is always longing and seeking for a change, I don’t really know why it is like that, I’m guessing that is the way we are “wired”.

Let’s talk about this “inner man”, psychology calls it the unconscious mind. In reality, nobody really understands the whole truth about the subconscious mind, but that is the real person that we are or that is the whole person we are. The unconscious mind is so complex that science can’t comprehend it all.

Have you ever wondered why you wanted a change in your finances, or why you wanted financial freedom? The simple answer is the inner man, wanting a better life, telling you that there is more for you so don’t settle for less.

Your present situation doesn’t determine who you are or who you are going to be, that is why you must do everything in your power to succeed.

When you look at the graveyards you will see so many wasted destinies, there are many of them that when alive they did nothing about their situations.

Don’t go with the flow, don’t go with the crowd. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT



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