Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing training center that trains people that are willing to make some decent money online. It doesn’t matter if you are new to internet world or you are an expert, they will hold your hands and walk you through the process of making real money online. Compare to other online training centers, Wealthy Affiliate is the best out of them all.


Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate


  • They have all levels of training which are simplified
  • Step by step tutorials and courses
  • Video training
  • 10,000’s helpful community members
  • 13+ full, interactive classrooms
  • Live and interactive help
  • Access to Experts and Millionaire
  • 2 Free Designed Websites
  • Spam-free environment
  • $0 Membership
  • Much more…


  • Too much information to absorb especially if you are new to the internet world

Is Wealthy Affiliate Right For You

I believe WA is not for everyone, the fact that you are on this page shows that you are looking for information about this program. WA teaches people how to make money real online, there is no scam here. So who can benefit from this program:

  • Someone that wants to work from home
  • Someone that wants to make money online
  • Students
  • Retired
  • People outside the US
  • Everyone

The list is endless, absolutely anyone from all levels of life in any Country can benefit from this program. The program is more of service and community, there is no selling of any sort. If your profile fit anyone of those above then I will recommend you joining this wonderful community of people.

Training and Tools

You will have everything that you will need to succeed online with Wealthy Affiliate, the training that is provided is simplified enough for easy understanding. We have:

  • Live Weekly Training Course
  • Questions and Answers Section
  • Organized Classroom
  • Video and Tutorial Training
  • To Do Tasks
  • Much more…

Every training and tools you will need for your business are included in the program.

Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice for anyone trying to make good money online. This is not a get rich quick kind of a training center, you will have to put in your time and efforts before you will start seeing a considerable amount of money. Every business either online or offline require your time and efforts, you must invest your time before you start seeing results.





There are two membership prices:

Starter Membership: $0 (Join Here)

Premium Membership: $47 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

Starter membership: When you join WA at $0 you have access to Wealthy Affiliate community, these are great people that have years of experience in affiliate marketing, they are ready 24/7 to help you build your own business. You also have access to over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, keyword tools, and much more…

One thing I will like to add to starter membership is that there is no obligation to upgrade, you can also make money being a starter member.

Premium Membership: With this membership, you have access to everything within Wealthy Affiliate, when you become a premium member you don’t need to get any guru books, expert training, or other online courses again. You will have all the training you need to succeed online.

P.S. There are no obligations to upgrade, the reason I keep mentioning this is because unlike other internet programs they want you to upgrade all the time to have access to good information. With WA you can do good with starter membership alone, there is no pressure upgrading.

My Final Opinion + Bonus

I will encourage you to give it a trial, start with starter membership first and if don’t like it you can opt out of it. When you join and don’t like it, you can come back to my site and leave me your experience. But I can assure you that you will love it because Wealthy Affiliate is unique among other online training.

Your Bonus…

When you Join your FREE Starter Account I will offer you a bonus if you decided to upgrade to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).


If you will like to ask any questions please go ahead and leave them below, you can leave your review or personal experience at Wealthy Affiliate also. I will love to hear your feedback.

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